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August Storm's death certificate

August Storm's death certificate - Katherine Oestmann writes "...August Storm's death certificate. There isn't really new information but it mentions his parents and that he died at Dreibrunnen on the 20th August 1914 (other sources say 24th Aug.)
A kind stranger translated the details of his death for me, which says he "died as a result of his wounds. The exact time of death hasn't been determined." Do you think this suggests he died in battle? Or after fighting? Hopefully the former.'

Toby Hildabrand writes " Look up Battle of the Frontiers. VERY heavy casualties in Aug-Sep 1914 in that general area. He is buried about 80km west of Nancy, France. By late August, the Germans had advanced nearly to Paris, leading to the Battle of the Marne in early September where the French were defending Paris."

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Certificates of birth death and marriage around August Storm

Thank you Katherine Oestmann for finding this information. The ever unravelling of new information is amazing.

Katherine says "... I have discovered that August Storm had 4 more younger siblings, but only one that survived past the age of 5. Willi Adolf Storm married Margarethe Scheunert and had a son named Erich Richard August Storm, who unfortunately was killed at the end of World War II. Here is the Storm family tree now"

Here's a snapshot of the family tree and the certificates below

Anna Louise Storm's birth

Anna Louise Storm's death

Erich R A Storm's death

Erich Storm's grave is HERE

Karl J H Storm's birth

Karl J H Storm's death

Karl J H Storm's death

Louise K J Storm's death

Willi & Margarethe's marriage

Willi Adolf Storm's birth

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August Storm had siblings?

Katherine Oestmann found through a kind online friend these details which suggest that August Storm had siblings, all who died young. If anyone has any more information, or if we find out, I'll continue to post. This has certainly been an interesting journey.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

August Storm's baptism Church

Thanks Jodi Kennedy for tracking this down and Hans Pusback for the research

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Various translations from postcards

Once again kindly translated for us by
 - Here are snippets of postcards. As I write this, I have other matters to deal with, so I am cutting and pasting it quickly. I am very grateful to the translator and Katherine for making this possible. We are getting an unfolding picture of August as the young man missing home and maybe not the hardened soldier I first thought (Tim O) 

1st postcard - Transcript

Fröhliche Pfingsten (cont’d) wünscht Ihnen Ihr A. Storm.

Herrn H. Oestmann u Frau
Haus, 5 links

1st postcard - Translation

Merry Pentecost (cont’d) wishes you[1] your A. Storm.

Mr. H. Oestmann and wife
House no. 5, on the left


2nd postcard - Transcript

Freiburg Münsterportal
 Grus von der 13. Generalversammlung ? Bad. E.V, Freiburg,
Viele Grüße von hier sendet dir
dein August.

Frl. D. Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof Haus No. 5 l.

Freiburg (Breisgau)

2nd postcard - Translation

Many greetings from here sends you
your August.

Field postcard.
Mrs. D. Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4[3]
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left[4]

[Stamp] Freiburg (Breisgau)[5]


3rd postcard - Transcript

Glückliche Fahrt in’s neue Jahr (cont’d) wünscht dir von Herzen
dein August
N. B.
Bin während ich diese Karte schreibe noch auf der Dahrt. Bin noch nicht in Frankfurt.
Halte dich auch im Neuen Jahre munter u gesund.
Frl. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg (Elbe) 4
Neuhof, Haus 5 l.

Rastatt 30.12.13 5-BN. 1

3rd postcard - Translation

A happy ride into the New Year (cont’d) wishes you, with all his heart,
your August.
N. B.[6]
I am still on my way while writing this postcard.  I still haven’t arrived in Frankfurt[7].
Keep yourself well and healthy in the New Year as well.

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg (Elbe) 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Rastatt[8] 30.12.13 5-BN. 1


4th postcard - Transcript

Glückliches Neues Jahr! (cont’d) wünscht dir dein August.
Füsl. [Füsilier] Irmer
Alfred Schäfer.
Chr. [Christian] Schön.

Frl. D. Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4

Rastatt 3??213 5-64 1

4th postcard - Translation

Happy New Year! (cont’d) wishes you your August.
Private Irmer
Alfred Schäfer.
Christian Schön.[9]

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Rastatt 3??213 5-64 1


5th postcard - Transcript

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstage (cont’d) wünscht dir dein August.
Abs. [Absender] Füsilier Storm ??40 Rastatt.

Frl. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, Haus No 5l

Rastatt ???

5th postcard - Translation

Happy birthday (cont’d) wishes you your August.

Sender: Private Storm ??40 Rastatt.

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Rastatt ???


7th postcard - Transcript

Hannover. Schloß Herrenhausen.


Hanofer 29.12.13
Liebe Dora!
Habe die Elecktrische gut gekriegt, war schon um 12 Uhr auf dem Bahnhof hatte bis 12.40 Zeit. Warn um 4 ¾ Uhr in Hanover ist recht langweilig nach den vergnügten Stunden wollte du wärst hier. Also nochmals, Kopf hoch und nicht zurück sehen immer vorwärts dann werden wir schon singen wens noch so schlecht geht.
Dein August
Mit vielen Grüßn an dich und deine Eltern

Frl. D. Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4.
Neuhof, Haus 5l

Hannover 29.12.13 ?? 2

7th postcard - Translation

Hanover.[10] Herrenhausen Palace.[11]


Hanover, 29th of December 1913
Dear Dora!
I reached the electrical one well in time, I was at the train station at 12 already and had time until 12.40. We arrived in Hanover at 4.45; it’s quite boring after the merry hours; wish you were here. So, once again: cheer up and don’t look back, always forwards, then we’ll even sing no matter how badly we are doing.
Your August
With many greetings to you and your parents

Mrs. D. Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Hannover 29.12.13 ?? 2


10th postcard - Transcript

(cont’d) wünscht dir dein August.
Brief folgt.

Frl. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4.
Neuhof, Haus 5l

Rastatt 30.5.13 7-8?

10th postcard - Translation

(cont’d)[12] wishes you your August.
Letter will follow.

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Rastatt 30.4.14 7-8?


11th postcard - Transcript

Rothenfels, 9.5.14.
Grüße und Küsse an Euch alle lieben sendet dir liebe Dora nebst Bubi und Eltern
dein August.

Hier im Schwarzwald ist es jetzt sehr schön.

Frl. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4.
Neuhof, Haus 5l

Rastatt 9.5.14 10??

11th postcard - Translation

Rothenfels[13], 9th of May 1914.
Greetings and kisses sends you, dear Dora, and Bubi[14] and parents
your August.

At the moment, it’s quite beautiful here in the Black Forest.

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / Elbe 4
Neuhof, house no. 5, on the left

[Stamp] Rastatt 9.5.14 10??


Letter 2 envelope - Transcript

Frl. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / a.d.E.
Neuhof Haus 5.

Schräg die Briefmarke geklebt heißt ich liebe Dich. Wußtest Du das schon.

Rastatt 18.10.13 10-?N

Letter 2 envelope - Translation

Mrs. Dora Oestmann
Wilhelmsburg / at the Elbe
Neuhof, house no. 5

[in blue ink, between the lines of address] Gluing the stamp on slanted means I love you. Did you already know that.

[Stamp] Rastatt 18.10.13 10-?N

One-page letter - Transcript

Leb wohl mein Schatz.
Denk ein wenig an mich.
Meine Gedanken werden auch Schatz bei dir u Rudi sein
Dein dir bis in den Tod treuer August.
Grüß auch deine Eltern
Wirst wohl mit diesem Briefe auch den andern erhalten kanst ja an den Datum erkennen.

One-page letter - Translation

Farewell, my darling.
Think of me a bit.
My thoughts will be with you and Rudi[15], my darling.
Your August, faithful until death.
Do also greet your parents.
You may well receive the other letter with this one, you’ll be able to recognise it at the date.


Letter bits - Transcript

[1st bit]
denn ich
mich auch
so gern
n, von Eu-

[2nd bit]
Dir u klein Rudi gehört mein Herz sonst niemand auf der weiten Welt.

Letter bits - Translation

My heart belongs to you and little Rudi and no one else in the wide world.

[1] The “you“ is formal, probably due to the fact that August wrote to Dora’s parents.  
[2] It is utterly impossible to tell which Neuhof he means - there are dozens. See the next postcard for more info.
[3] A part of Hamburg, which is on the Elbe river.,_Hamburg
[4] I found an old article saying that Neuhof used to be a dwelling/settlement in the Wilhelmsburg area, now absorbed into Wilhelmsburg. The name has survived in street names like “Neuhöfer Straße”, which is around here:,9.9866249//@53.4710759,9.9717006,10z
[6] Nota bene
[7] Note that there are two Frankfurts; however, it is quite safe to say that he means Frankfurt/Main, not Frankfurt/Oder.
[9] Three fellow soldiers, I guess.
[12] I don’t have the front of the postcard available, so I cannot see what he wishes Dora.
[14] Term of endearment for a little boy (Bub), in this case Rudi/Rudolf.
[15] Short form of Rudolf

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dora Oestmann details from

Thank you to Jodi Kennedy for finding this information on Dora. My understanding is that Dora and August were not married when August died but who knows....

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another letter from August Storm kindly translated

Kindly Translated by ScanianMoose (Reddit) via Katherine Oestmann 24 Dec 2015

English Translation:

Rastatt[1], 30th of April 1914

My dearly-beloved Dorchen[2]!

Forgive your Dearest One - if I may still call myself that way - that I haven’t written earlier. We’ve ridden out the inspection happily and well, we’re off duty this afternoon. Since Easter, the sun nicely shines bright and warm from the sky, no cloud[3] tarnishes the azure blue sky. Everything laughs and delights in the beautiful nature, only I do not, thinking of you and the small one and whether I will see you again the same way as I left you nags at me.
Darling![4] It was not possible for me [cont’d] to write earlier, every day, [I am] on duty from 7-11 and 2-5, and afterwards, I have to repair the dress uniform[5]. Then the torment I have to endure, I was all worn down recently, nothing could cheer me up; then, your dear letter came, I barely had time to read it. I would have liked to answer it, but didn’t have the time.
1st of May 1914
Dearly-beloved one! How are you and the small one? Hopefully, [you’re] quite fine, things are a bit better with me as well. Today, we have no nice weather, everything is grey from the rain that persisted all day long; hopefully, it will get better soon, even if we have to sweat more then, that won’t do any harm. [cont’d]
2nd of May 1914
Today morning, it was still a bit dim, but the sun has managed to get trough yet again. It clearly shines from the sky again and shines on good and evil, may fortune smile at you the same way the sun smiles at me, now and forever.
My sweetheart! Spare no expenses, do whatever you think is right, for you have my promise, my word of honour, and you can trust it, for I have never broken it.  Remain faithful to me[6], hold me dear, even though I am separated from you; if you do so, then everything will take a turn for the better once we’re reunited.
Dorchen! I ask you for one thing: if you don’t receive a line from me for a while, then don’t be angry with me, for there are times during which we don’t have time to write and during which we also do not have the power and thoughts.
I would love to leave the barracks in the dead of night and hasten into your faithful arms, but that is just not possible; therefore, I have to come to terms with the thought that you will write me often and extensively how you and the small one are doing, for I cannot live without news, it is simply impossible. My dearest thing on earth! I have to stop now, for it is getting late; it is almost stop 10 p.m. Say hello to the parents and siblings for me.[7]
Be greeted and kissed thousand upon thousand times from your eternally faithful August.

[2] Diminutive form of „Dora“ - diminutives are usually used for terms of endearment or small things.
[3] Diminutive form of „Wolke“, cloud.
[4] A mostly Southern German diminutive form of Schatz (darling, treasure)
[5] My best guess; literally: inspection suit
[6] Ambiguous: May also mean „stay true to me“.
[7] August does not specify whether he means Dora’s or his own parents and siblings.

German Original
Rastatt, 30.4.14

Mein innigst geliebtes Dorchen!
Verzeihe Deinem Liebsten, wenn ich mich noch so nennen darf, daß ich nicht eher geschrieben habe. Unsere Besichtigung ist glücklich und Gut überstanden, haben heute Nachmittag dienstfrei. Die Sonne scheint schön seid Ostern hell und warm vom Himmel, kein Wölkchen trübt den Azurblauen Himmel, alles lacht und freud sich der schönen Natur, nur ich nicht, an mir nagt nur der Gedanke an Dich und den Kleinen ob ich Euch so wiedersehn werde wie euch verlassen.
Schatzerl! Es war mir wirklich nich eher möglich [cont’d] zu schreiben, jeden Tag von 7.-11 u von 2-5 Dienst nachher instand setzen vom Besichtigungsanzug. Dan noch die Qual die ich auszuhalten hatte, ich war zuletzt ganz aufgerieben, nichts konnte mich mehr aufmuntern, da kam Dein lieber Brief, ich hatte kaum Zeit ihn zu lesen. Ich wollte ihn gern beantworten kam aber nicht dazu.
Innigst Geliebte! Wie geht es dir und dem Kleinen hoffentlich recht gut, bei mir ist auch schon etwas Besserung eingetreten. Heute haben wir kein schönes Wetter, alles Grau von Regen welcher den ganzen Tag angehalten hat, hoffentlich wird es bald wieder besser, wenn wir auch dan mehr schwitzen müssen das schadet nichts. [cont‘d]
Es ist heute morgen noch etwas trübe gewesen aber die Sonne hat sich doch wieder durch gerungen. Klar scheint sie wieder vom Himmel und scheint auf Gute u Böse, möge Dir das Glück lächeln, wie mich die Sonne anlächelt jetzt und immer.
Mein Herzblatt! Schäue keine Unkosten, tue was Du für gut befindest, denn Du hast mein Versprechen, mein Ehrenwort, und dem kannst du trauen, den mein Wort habe ich noch nie gebrochen. Bleibe mir Treu, habe mich lieb, auch wenn ich von dir getrennt bin, so wird sich alles zum guten wenden, wenn wir erst wieder vereint sind.
Dorchen! Um eins bitte ich Dich, wenn Du mal eine [cont’d] Zeitlang keine Zeile von mir erhältst, so Zürne mir nicht, denn es gibt für uns Zeiten wo wir keine Zeit haben zu schreiben und wo wir auch nicht mehr die Kraft und die Gedanken haben.
Ich möchte am liebsten die Kaserne bei Nacht und Nebel verlassen und in Deine treuen Arme eilen, aber das geht nun mal nicht, so muß ich mich mit dem Gedanken abfinden, daß du mir oft und ausführlich schreibst wie es Dir und dem Kleinen geht, denn ohne Nachricht kann ich nicht leben, es ist mir einfach unmöchlich. Mein liebstes auf Erden! Ich muß schon schließen den die Zeit rückt immer weiter vor es ist gleich schließen 10 Uhr. Grüß auch Eltern u. Geschwister.
Sei tausend und abertausendmal gegrüßt und geküßt von Deinem Dir ewig Treu bleibenden August.