Wednesday, May 16, 2018

August Storm's death certificate

August Storm's death certificate - Katherine Oestmann writes "...August Storm's death certificate. There isn't really new information but it mentions his parents and that he died at Dreibrunnen on the 20th August 1914 (other sources say 24th Aug.)
A kind stranger translated the details of his death for me, which says he "died as a result of his wounds. The exact time of death hasn't been determined." Do you think this suggests he died in battle? Or after fighting? Hopefully the former.'

Toby Hildabrand writes " Look up Battle of the Frontiers. VERY heavy casualties in Aug-Sep 1914 in that general area. He is buried about 80km west of Nancy, France. By late August, the Germans had advanced nearly to Paris, leading to the Battle of the Marne in early September where the French were defending Paris."

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