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Oestmann's from Germany to Australia 1958

All the Oestmann's in Australia (up to this date, anyway) all come from one single family who migrated from Hamburg in Germany to Australia in 1958. They came on the ship "Castel Felice" (pictured) :

Here is a picture of the Oestmann's who migrated from Germany to Australia. The photo was apparently taken in Terowie, South Australia in 1960:

Pictured (left to right) Rudi Oestmann Sr, (back row) William Oestmann, Erna Oestmann (nee Pfeiffenberger), Gerhard (Gus) Oestmann, Rudi Oestmann Jr, (front row) Uwe Oestmann, Peter Oestmann

Until they arrived we are not aware of any other family of "Oestmann's" living in Australia. All the descendants (their children and grandchildren) all come from this family.

-Background of Australian "Oestmann" line-

Rudi Oestmann Sr

b 2 Feb 1914 Neuhof, Prussia (now Hamburg)
d 2 Nov 2000 in Adelaide and buried in Ceduna, South Australia

married to

Erna Agnes Margaretha Pfeiffenberger
b 27 Jul 1920 Hamburg
d Dec 1999 in Adelaide buried in Ceduna, South Australia

Pictured above: Erna and Rudolf Snr Oestmann with little Rudi Jr (1943)

Rudi Oestmann Sr was the son of Dora Oestmann & August Storm
August Storm was killed in the first world war (see first article on this blog) so his son, Rudi, took on his mother's maiden name "Oestmann"

Dora Oestmann
b 14 Jan 1895
d 1976 Hamburg

Dora Oestmann in later life (unknown date)

Dora Oestmann's parent were Hermann Oestmann & Wilhelmine Catharina Margaretha Maria Oestmann (nee Bergeest)

Hermann Oestmann
b 25 Oct 1863
Ship carpenter in Wilhelmsburg
d ? ? 1939 Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg)

Wilhelmine & Hermann Oestmann(1938) Most of the people are unknown in this photo except Erna Oestmann (nee Pfeiffenberger) who is the lady directly behind, with her arms over the unknown child

Hermann Oestmann's father was a Carsten Oestmann b 10 Mar 1838 Altenwerder, was a Ship carpenter in Neuhof and d 19 Nov 1909 Neuhof.

This is about as sure we can get of our family history - if you know more about this Oestmann family, you can email Tim Oestmann with any interesting/important information.

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  1. Is there the possibility our surname in Germany would have been Ostmann with the “?