Saturday, April 17, 2010

August Karl Heinrich Storm

Our Great Grandfather - August Karl Heinrich STORM died in the first world war 1914
We know next to nothing about him and nothing about his family, except that he was apparently a coppersmith before he went to war, though this is not verified yet.

We Oestmann's in Australia are directly related to the Storm family in Germany through our grandfather Rudi Oestmann (Senoir) who was August Storm's son. Rudi kept his mother's maiden name "Oestmann". Here is what we have - the rest is a mystery.

This is the only bit of information we have about our great-grandfather:

This is from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg (Gedinkbuch) It says "Gedenkbuch
der im Weltkriege 1914-1918 aus Wilhelmsburg fürs Vaterland Gefallenen"

from the Denkmalprojekt website:

August Karl Heinrich
29.01.1891 Hollenbeck
20.08.1914 gef bei Dreibrunnen
Füs.-Regt. 40, 7. Komp.
ledig; ev; Adresse: HH-Wilhelmsburg, Kl. Kanal 5 a

Here is the last postcard that he sent to his partner Dora Oestmann. If you might know of any leads to find out more details - we would be interested.

Top picture is a the front of the postcard it says:
"Freiburg i. B." "Karlskaserne mit Siegesdenkmal u. Munster".

Below is August Storm's handwritten postcard to Dora Oestmann in 1914 - it says (in part)

"Muehlhausen 13.8.14 Dear Dora address is fieldpostletter
...Storm. 14. Armycorps 28.Division. Regiment 40.
7 Company (Army) per Rastatt...

many greetings from your August"

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