Friday, July 8, 2011

Volksbund Letter

The very kind people at Volksbund ( recently sent me a letter confirming that August Storm is buried at Plaine de Walsch.

They included a map of the cemetery
and my brother in law, Toby, immediately found it on the net

So thanks to the help of a number of family, friends and kind strangers - we now know where he is buried after spending a lifetime of knowing nothing. Thank you to all who helped! We can finally put this chapter to rest.

If possible we would like to still find our "Storm" relatives because we are blood relations and we still don't know who they are, where they are - or indeed, if any still exist! Looking forward to the next chapter...

- Tim Oestmann


  1. Is Sturm perhaps a spelling variant?

    1. Thanks 'Repeat' - yes, "Sturm" is a possibility...I've had a a bit of a search on that name a while ago - also but no doors open yet. Thanks for the suggestion though. Hopefully we'll find out in the end.