Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Tree from Wilken Oestmann 1751 to us Oestmanns in Australia

The Oestmann family we derive from in Australia follow this line (from what seems most definite):

Wilken Oestmann

His son was Hans Oestmann

Hans also had a son named 'Hans' named here as Hans Christian Oestmann

 Hans Christian had a son named Carsten Hermann Oestmann

Carsten had a son named Hermann Oestmann

Hermann had three children Minna Dora and Otto. Dora Oestmann, though female, is the ancestor of the Oestmann's in Australia.

Dora Oestmann was partnered to an "August Storm" and they had a child Rudi. Mr Storm died in the first world war. Rudi, his son, decided to take on his mothers name 'Oestmann'. So, the name 'Oestmann' continued with all the decendents who travelled to Australia in the 1958.

See more specifics of the Oestmanns in Australia here:

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