Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hollenbeck or Hollenbäch or Hollenbek

Part of the problem with finding more about our ancestor August Storm (and therefore his parents, brothers or whoever is possibly related to us) is that any records with his place of birth is actually unclear.

So far we have his place of birth as being Hollenbeck or Hollenbäch or Hollenbek -which are not the same place.

My personal hunch is on Hollenbek (as in with an EK ending).

As in here:

Katherine Oestmann found a couple more records which I have stuck together in one block here:

You'll find the original conversation here on a Reddit site:

I'd like to thanks both "GermanGenealogist" and "maryfamilyresearch" for their replies to us.

We have more following up to do and I'll post more if we find any more.

I can oply read a few German words and Katherine a few more so it is not an easy task but hopefully one day soon we can get the 'locked door; open to who our 'Storm' ancestors are because at this stage it stops at my great grandfather August Storm and I don' know anything else. Though I am still grateful for what we have found so far. (Tim Oestmann:

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